Project : DIY Eatery
Location: F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
Area : 2800 sqft
Project Year : 2018
DIY eatery represents an environmental and a socially conscious approach towards the manner in which it functions – from reducing the amount of waste produced to introducing the idea of paying-it-forward to planting trees after a certain number of orders.
Taking cue from the eateries agenda, the proposed design focuses on using re-purposed materials in an effort to create a comfortable environment. An approach similar to the cradle-to-cradle idea is adopted– where the incorporated local materials are natural, recycled or re-purposed.
Re-purposed and reclaimed Timber play a key role in the design – reclaimed kale wood is used for the manufacturing of crates, which acts as a dominant ceiling and wall feature. The crates are sculpted as a gantry that overhangs the entire space. While providing a point of visual interest, they are also utilized as light holders. The furniture is set up against a backdrop of white bricks, which climbs up the full length of the wall broken in parts by longitudinal wooden sections.
Driven by a combination of sustainability concerns and budgetary constraints, the design takes advantage of some existing site features, which are integrated into the overall design aesthetic.



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