House 53

Location: DHA-2 Islamabad

Area: 1 kanal | 500 sq yd

A south facing 1 kanal house in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad  required a facade uplift. Keeping in mind the low budget of the client, brick was chosen to be the main material as it  is aesthetically humble and ages beautifully.The new facade uses the approach of critical regionalism considering the extreme climate of the region.

This small yet effective design intervention creates a play of light and shadow during the time of the year when the sun’s angle is low and acts as a thermal barrier in summers by creating wind pockets and increasing the thermal lag of a mere 9″ brick wall facing south. It also creates a veranda space for the user to sit outside while maintaining their privacy.”

– The perforated brick enclosure along the sun path from east to west gives the house a unique language that blends the old with the new –

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